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Trampoline Socks – UK, Europe, USA, Australia and the Rest of the World

Lux Vivere Trampoline Socks

Lux Vivere is the leading provider of striking trampoline socks to trampoline operators in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and the Rest of the World. Our socks are custom-made to help enhance the safety, cleanliness and brand awareness of your trampoline park.


Our wealth of industry experience combined with rigorous testing procedures ensure the final product is a pair of trampoline socks that you can rely on to compliment every aspect of your operation. Our team will work with you to create a bespoke design using your colour palette, logos and brand guidelines, measuring the perfect balance between safety, comfort, performance and design. In addition to our bespoke options we have a portfolio of tried and tested generic designs for you to choose from.

  • At Lux Vivere we have a wealth of expertise and experience to meet your needs in trampoline parks in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Dubai, and India in creating the highest quality bespoke trampoline socks.
  • We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service, cutting-edge designs and efficient, timely delivery.
  • Our in-house design team will work meticulously with you to develop a design that is tailored towards your brand and company requirements.
  • Our trampoline socks are of the highest quality. Durable and vibrant yarns, that are matched to your specific pantone colours.
  • The specialist knitted jacquard socks accurately feature your logo/brand on promotional areas of your socks allowing you to use your socks as a marketing platform.
  • Our trampoline socks are comfortable, breathable and include wicking properties and details such as arch support and cuff compression.
  • Our trampoline socks are competitively priced based on location, quantities, and sock composition.
  • Our trampoline socks are made for all age groups from toddlers though to adult sizes.
  • Our high impact gripper prints are specifically designed for use on trampoline beds. They deliver the performance level expected from a specialist grip sock. Working well for tricks and jumping. Adding both grip and traction; and keeping your clients safe.
  • We have a large warehouse to hold stock for you to drawdown on.
  • You can manage and order stock online directly from our website; control spend; and analyse stock flow.

Trampoline Sock Benefits

  • Unique silicon sole grips to increase safety in your trampoline park by preventing slipping and falls
  • Designed to ensure maximum airflow and comfort for your customers
  • Durable and quality assured
  • Offer a sense of fashion to help show off your brand
  • Custom designs to promote your brand

Trampoline Sock Composition

We offer two types of trampoline sock composition:

Cotton Rich:

This is our most popular breathable sock blend offering a great hand feel and an appearance of the highest quality, combined with top performance.


This is a similar look and hand feel to our cotton rich sock, but uses alternative Polyester yarns. A value option but still offers top performance.

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